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Open.Theremin To Be Installed In Castle


Big news for the Open.Theremin project!  The founder, Urs Gaudenz, and another collaborator are working together on a large open.theremin to be installed in a castle in Switzerland for an upcoming workshop and concert.  You can read more details about the event and the Open.Theremin workshop at their site.  Congratulatios to Urs and company for what promises to be a very cool event. 

For those not familiar with Open.Theremin, it's an open source theremin project consisting of three modules: open.theremin.rc,, and open.theremin.up.  It combines combines a resistor/capacitor oscillator with an inductor/capacitor oscillator for the heterodyning effect, and then processes that signal with a microcontroller to produce a synthesized sound and to improve antenna characteristics. 

Read more:  Theremin for the Castle (