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Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey now available on Amazon Instant Video and free for Prime members!

Steven M. Martin's excellent documentary film, Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey, is now available on Amazon Instant Video (affiliate link).  Even better, it's free for Amazon Prime members!

If you aren't familiar with this film, it's considered to be one of the primary catalysts for the current theremin renaissance that started in the early 1990's.  The film features interviews with several key figures in theremin and electronic music history, including Leon Theremin, Clara Rockmore, Bob Moog, Lydia Kavina, Nicolas Slonimsky, Brian Wilson, and more. 

Since the making of the film, historians have disputed a couple of key details in the film: that Leon theremin was not kidnapped by the KGB and that the Beach Boys did not actually use a true theremin in Good Vibrations.  These points aside, the rest of the film stands as a masterpiece and is a valuable archive of electronic music history.

Even if you have seen the film, perhaps you haven't watched it recently. Why not treat yourself to another showing this weekend? 

A big thanks to Thomas Grillo for pointing this out in the forums today!