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Carolina Talks Theremin

World Thereminization, and your search for answers to your playing questions, has gotten a boost from thereminist Carolina Eyck.

Carolina is launching a YouTube series: 

"Carolina talks Theremin"
Look out for Carolina's recent project "Carolina talks Theremin". In little video episodes, Carolina will be frequently answering your questions about her music, her playing technique and the theremin. In her first video Carolina revealed her upcoming projects, in episode two you can listen to one of her favourite pieces. So, feel free to ask more questions on facebook, youtube or via e-mail!


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coalport 2/16/2013 7:11 PM
I have watched all the CAROLINA TALKS THEREMIN videos so far. They are very nicely done, and Carolina herself is charming, eloquent, and has transformed from a gangly 14-year-old (which she was when we first got to know her more than a decade ago) into a gorgeous, intelligent woman.

I am hoping that as the videos evolve, she will get into some of the unique, abstract, theoretical aspects of the theremin and the techniques used to play it, as well as the immense challenge of mastering the instrument. This series of videos can be so much more than simply a promotional tool for individual artists.

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