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Theremin workshop in Sardinia with Lydia Kavina 2013 from 26 october to 3 november

Enjoy learning the unique musical instrument and having a great holiday on the sea site!

Course languages: English, German, Russian, Musical

It is recommended to attend at least three days of workshops and to book the workshops of your current level.

Recommended dates:

For beginners: 26.10.2013-30.10.2013

  • Play the theremin is like singing with your "inner voice".
  • You can start with the theremin, if you have an ear for music.
  • No previous music experience inquired.

Level 2:  31.10.2013-3.11.2013

  • For those who has got some experience with the theremin.
  • Work on the interpretation and advanced technique.
  • Sharp your ear in the ensemble playing.

The schedule includes workshops of theremin playing technique, gradually rising from the very first steps to the well advanced. The participants will also learn playing in ensemble. There will be a concert of the workshop members on the last day. Even beginners can be involved in the ensembles and the final concert.

During your free time you can relax in the beautiful area with the sand beach and the warm sea, walking in the medieval town or go into the mountains with spectacular views.

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