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Theremin Academy and N/O/D/E electronic music festival in Lausanne/Switzerland from February 1 to 4, 2018

Together with the famous biannual N/O/D/E festival for all electronic music things, a Theremin Academy will be held at the Lausanne Music University (HEMU), offering

  • Individual Theremin lessons
  • A Theremin orchestra class (assisted by an electric bass)
    Subject: J.S.Bach - The composition followed by the improvised decomposition
  • Workshops for beginners and for advanced players
  • Trial lessons for visitors and beginners
  • A lecture by guest star Dorit Chrysler
  • A round table where the Swiss thereminist and syntheziser expert Coralie Ehinger and the French "Theremingénieur" Thierry Frenkel will answer all your questions around interfacing Theremins via CVs
  • A common Swiss Cheese Fondue dinner

... while the N/O/D/E festival will offer exhibitions, workshops, lectures and concerts (among others again with Dorit Chrysler) around everything which is DIY and uses electrons to generate music!

More info and registration for the Theremin Academy

More info and registration for the N/O/D/E festival