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A very special Theremin Academy will happen in Lausanne/Switzerland in February 2019

The Theremin Academy 2019 in Lausanne/Switzerland is organized in cooperation with the Lausanne Music University (HEMU) and the N/O/D/E rdv des curiosités sonores.

Coralie Ehinger, renowned Swiss thereminist and the expert when it comes to interfacing theremins with modular synthesizers, and Thierry Frenkel will be there to teach during workshops, individual lessons, and a chamber music class.

An exhaustive social program including the traditional common Swiss Fondue dinner is also scheduled. For more information and registering, please visit the Theremin Academy website.

There are lots of highlights on the time table for this 3-day event which will be held from February 1st to 3rd, 2019:

Daniel Miller at the HEMU

Producer, songwriter, DJ, founder of Mute Records. Daniel Miller will discuss Mute’s story in an interview, the particular context that has allowed him to produce groups with unique personalities and sound identities such as Depeche Mode and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. 

Les DiffYUseurs by Yves Usson

The newest invention by French synthesizer guru Yves Usson. He developed a multi-effect device which (among others) emulates in an electronic way  all the sound effects (“Résonance”, “Métallique”, “Palme”) which Prof. Maurice Martenot created around 1929 by modifying mechanically traditional loudspeaker chassis (called “Diffuseurs”) and which work very well with the Theremin. During a workshop directed by Yves Usson himself, the academy participants will have the opportunity to build their own DiffYUseurs device from a pre-fabricated kit.
Interested non-Thereminists might register exclusively for this workshop without participating at the Academy program if free places will remain available.

La voix du Luthier

“La voix du Luthier”, a French startup, has created two new active speakers, especially designed and optimized for electronic music instruments: The “Onde” and the “Pyramide”. Both speaker types will be presented by their developers, Christophe Duquesne and François Astier, and can be tried out exclusively at this academy.