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Herb Deutsch Talks Theremins with Theremin 30 Podcast

Herb Deutsch

Synthesizer pioneer Herbert A. Deutsch discusses purchasing his first theremin in the December 2020 episode of the Theremin 30 podcast. That purchase lead to a meeting with Bob Moog and their historic collaboration on the development of the first Moog modular synthesizer. In the 9-minute interview, Deutsch, a professor emeritus of electronic music and composition from Hofstra University, also talks about his theremin composition “Longing.” A recording of his song appeared earlier this year on the Theremin 100 compilation album released by the New York Theremin Society. The recording featured thereminist Darryl Kubian and Herb’s wife, pianist Nancy Deutsch.

In addition to the interview, podcast host and producer Rick Reid spins recent theremin music releases by Swedish classical duo Rewired Stockholm, popular UK dub recording artist Gaudi (with Mad Professor), and innovative Swiss experimental musician Therminal C, plus a track by UK recording artist Kevin Sinnott from his 2006 album Theremins of the World (Unite and Take Over.) Theremin music fans can listen to this twentieth episode of the Theremin 30 podcast series on most major podcast apps and aggregator sites including Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Anchor.

About Theremin 30

Denver-based media producer and amateur thereminist Rick Reid launch the Theremin 30 podcast series in 2019 with the aim of promoting theremin instruments, music, and performers ranging from bedroom studio recording artists to internationally renowned professionals. A typical 30-minute episode includes 4 or 5 theremin tracks and a brief, pre-recorded interview with a special guest. Previous guests have included some of the most talented and influential members of the theremin community from around the world, such as Dorit Chrysler, Thorwald Jørgensen, and Lydia Kavina. The series has also featured interviews with musical instrument designers and historians including Urs Gaudenz, Dan Burns, and Michelle Moog-Koussa. Reid produces a new episode approximately once a month. Information about the show is available online at