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Remembering Bob Moog - 10 Years Later

Bob Moog at Vanderbilt University

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Bob Moog's passing.  We miss him dearly.

If Bob's work had a great influence on your life, we encourage you to help support his legacy by making a donation to The Bob Moog Foundation.

Missing Footage of Leon Theremin Visit to Stanford Found

A recently discovered VHS tape turned out to be missing footage of a concert from Leon Theremin's 1991 visit to Stanford University.  Theremin performed Moscow Nights in the concert, though in hindsight the theme from The Lost Weekend might have been more appropriate.

Read more: Missing footage of Theremin at Stanford found (Stanford Libraries Blog)

DIY Matryomin Theremin

Here's a new video from Gaudi showing how to build your own DIY version of the Matryomin.  The design uses an Open.Theremin core as the theremin "guts".

For those unfamiliar with the instrument, the Matryomin is a theremin designed by Masami Takeuchi and housed in a traditional Russian stacking doll, or Matroyshka.  

Learn more about the Open.Theremin project at

Christopher Tarnow Theremin Sonatas Available to Purchase

Sonate f�r Theremin und Klavier Nr. 1

Composer Christopher Tarnow has been collaborating with Carolina Eyck since 2013.  In 2014, the duo released Improvisations for Theremin and Piano with Butterscotch Records.  Next month, they will release a new album of sonatas for the theremin on the Genuin label.

In anticipation of the release, Mr. Tarnow has made his sonatas available for purchase.  You can find a list of works and purchasing details at 

Here's a video of one of the works, Sonata For Theremin and Piano:

Channel Road Vacuum Tube Theremin

Vacuum tube theremin by John Polstra

John D Polstra of Channel Road Amplification (Lopez Island, WA) shared with this write-up of a beautiful looking and sounding vacuum tube theremin he constructed.

For the technically savvy, the article contains full schematics of his design along with a description of the circuit & various design choices he made along the way.

To complete the vintage approach, John housed the theremin in 1933 radio cabinet.


Read: A Vacuum Tube Theremin (