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John Simonton, father of PAiA and DIY synths, has passed away

John Simonton

I just read this on Music Thing. Apparently, John Simonton, the founder of PAiA Electronics (makers of the Theremax Theremin) passed away some time last week after a long battle with cancer. Back before ThereminWorld started as "The Theremin Home Page", PAiA ran a "what's this circuit?" contest on his website. It turned out to be the original Theremax schematic, and theremin kits were born again. Bob Moog / Big Briar followed about a year later with the Etherwave kit.

The Theremax was the first theremin I owned, and I received several personal mails from John while trying to debug my soldering mistakes. John, we'll miss you & your magic, and may the inspiration you gave to thousands of DIY electronic music lovers live on forever.

Photo from Music Thing from Synthfool

Via: Music Thing
Link: In Memoriam: John Stayton Simonton, Jr. (