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Moog Music Introduces Polyphonic Theremin

Following up on a string of amazing product releases in recent months, the the incredible engineers at Moog Music have once again proven why Moog is the world wide leader in theremin technology. Meet the new Moog Polyphonic Theremin!

Unlike traditional monophonic theremins, the Moog Polyphonic Theremin features 5 pitch antennas, enabling the player to control up to 5 different timbres at once. The MPR employs proprietary circuitry called IsoDirectional Inductive Oscillator Technology to allow individual control of each antenna with different fingers without interference from the other antennas.

Visit Moog's web site for the full details. Moog has even whipped up a instructional video with NY Theremin Society director Dorit Chrysler. If you never thought you'd hear Stairway to Heaven played in chords on a theremin, you've got to see how easy Dorit makes it look. The PolyTheremin ships with Dorit’s video and we'll all be happy to to hear that “Playing the PolyTheremin is Even Easier Than Playing a Monophonic Theremin.”