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Please Welcome Our New Technical Editor

Thierry Frenkel

I am thrilled to announce an exciting addition to the Theremin World team! Please welcome our new Technical Editor, Thierry Frenkel!

Thierry is a French-German mathematician and computer scientist who also received a comprehensive musical education in his youth. He joined the theremin community in 2007 but he discovered after a short time that he wouldn’t be satisfied with just playing the instrument. So he started studying the theremin history and schematics in order to acquire knowledge in theremin design, tuning and repair.

This led in 2009 to the development of the famous EPVM1345 module which corrects a “birth defect” of the Moog Etherwave Pro’s volume circuit and improves its dynamic range and musical expression. His brand new ESPE01 module which will extend the Moog Etherwave Standard’s pitch range by two octaves in the bass range is coming to market and an “intelligent pitch preview” module for the Eherwave Pro will come later in 2011.

He is in great demand as a theremin expert for maintenance, repair and upgrade of all sorts of theremins during European theremin festivals and an increasing number of professional thereminists like Carolina Eyck and Thorwald Jorgensen choose him as a personal technical supporter and advisor for their precious instruments. His expert opinion is also often asked during transactions of rare and expensive theremins. Almost all European theremin festivals, symposiums and conventions invite Thierry to teach theremin technique and theremin chamber music classes, based on his unique combination of musical and technical experience. Together with artistic director Carolina Eyck, Thierry organizes the annual Theremin Summer Academy in Colmar/France as a technical director.

As our Technical Editor, Thierry will continue to provide his excellent advice in our forums as well as our news feed and articles. John and I are very much looking forward to working more closely with him and to his continued contributions!