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Another Original RCA Theremin Found?

"It belongs in a museum!”  - Indiana Jones

Several news sites are reporting the discovery of $25M worth of musical instruments found in a storage vault in Michigan.  According to the articles, the collection includes artifacts “spanning centuries and continents” and was originally donated to the University of Michigan 112 years ago by Frederick Stearns.

Of most interest to us is the alleged inclusion of the theremin used in The Green Hornet television show soundtrack.  It’s unclear if the claim is backed by any historical documentation or if this is just editorial license making reference to the theremin in general.  The collection has grown since its original donation, which explains how a ~92 year old instrument ended up in a 112 year old collection. But until we have more proof, we’re remaining cautiously optimistic that this is indeed an RCA.

Rest assured, the theremin community will get to the bottom of this.  As soon as we have more information about the instrument in question, we’ll update this article.

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