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BBC Podcasts: Witness the Theremin

BBC Podcasts

The BBC podcast Witness has a 5 minute story today about the theremin!  The podcast features interviews with Dr. Albert Glinsky, author of Theremin: Ether Music and Espionage, was interviewed for the BBC podcast, and Lydia Kavina, who discuss the history of the instrument, including why it failed as a product in 1929.  Kudos to the BBC for spreading awareness of the theremin!

Unfortunately, and the end of the story, they credit the Beach Boys with using a theremin in Good Vibrations.  To be honest, I expected a bit more fact checking from the BBC, but anyone who looks beyond a couple of clicks will learn this for themselves. 

You can listen to the podcast online or download the 5 minute segment today from the BBC website:  BBC Podcasts: Witness