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Opportunity to Perform in Asheville

Greg Waltzer is one of the organizers and regular performers of Electro Music.  EM has always been supportive of the theremin, my fellow thereminists Kip Rosser, Kevin Kissinger, and I have all performed there, heard Greg's music, and become friends in the cause of live electronic performance.

Greg just announced he will be hosting two ongoing concert series in Asheville, North Carolina this year:

Inner Music ( - ambient, space music, new age, world music

Eclectricity ( - electronic, electro-acoustic, experimental

Descibed as "both small venues, here in town. Venue and artists will split the proceeds (don't expect much!) If you are unclear as to which might be appropriate for you, think "beautiful" at Inner Music and "interesting" at Eclectricity."

He's booking dates for 2012, so if you live in Ashville or are going there this year, and want to perform in a beautiful or interesing style, contact Greg at his website!