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Happy 101st Birthday Clara Rockmore!

Clara Rockmore and Leon Theremin

Today would have been Clara Rockmore's 101st birthday. 

Though she is no longer with us, I like to imagine her spirit lives on in all our theremins where she reaches out to all of us, inspiring us to continue her legacy. 

Clara Rockmore taught us just how beautiful a theremin can sound in the hands of a master.  She gave us a method book and a gift tape to help us learn to play and push ourselves to new heights as thereminists. 

Clara's most recent album, Music in & On the Air (released posthumously), is an excellent reminder of the way she commanded control of every nuance of her perforances.  I'm sure if we could have witnessed this performance for ourselves, we'd see her hands gliding as effortlessly as ever through the Ether, plucking notes out of thin air and making the impossible task of playing music on the theremin appear as easy as magic.

So, as you're playing your theremin today, take a moment to think about Clara inspired you, and wish her the best of days!

Happy Birthday Clara!