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LC Tank Simulation in Excel

LC tank simulation

Calling all theremin builders! 

As you know, designing a theremin circuit can be a tricky project to undertake.  Some of us have learned the hard way that experimenting with physical components can be a long and tedious process with lots of trial and error along the way. 

To make this process easier, member dewster has provided us with an Excel spreadsheet for simulating LC tank oscillators.  These circuits are at the "heart" of analog theremin designs we know and love.  The spreadsheet will be helpful to folks designing their own resonant circuits or who are interested in learning how they work. 

The sheet provides a sample circuit and explanation of the parts played by the various components involved.  You can supply your own values for each component and then see how the characteristics of the circuit change based on your inputs.

The spreadsheet is available in the Resources for Theremin Builders page, and you can follow the conversation about it in the forums here.

Thanks to dewster for this great tool!