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Google Doodle Honors Bob Moog


Google Doogle Synthesizer

In honor of Bob Moog's birthday tomorrow, the Google doodle for May 23rd tops last year's Les Paul tribute by letting you plan an interactive image of a Moog (Goog?) synthesizer.  Awesome tribute to Bob, but if only it had been a theremin!

The doodle features knobs for tweaking the playback sound, including oscillator, filter, mixer, and envelope controls. For even more fun, you can record and play back on the simulated analog reel-to-reel take deck to the right of the synth.

For those of you who are like me, time-zone challenged, you can visit the Australia Google Home Page now to get a preview of the synth doodle. 

So, now that we know how Google plans to celebrate, what are you going to do for Bobsday 2012?

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