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Circuit Simulation On The Go With iCircuit

iCircuit for iPhone

Calling all DIY electronics geeks!  iCircuit by Krueger Systems is a great little app for Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows Phone that lets you work on your theremin circuit designs from anywhere! 

With a huge library of available components to choose from, iCircuit is a virtual prototype board at your fingertips.  Choose from digital or analog components, ICs, MOSFETs, and more to build your circuit.  Use the built-in virtual multimeter and oscilloscopes to measure signals at any point in the circuit.  Since iCircuit is always simulating, there's no need to compile or run a simulation on your circuit... signals are always available!  While you're editing, handy tips warn you of dangerous or invalid circuit conditions.

Here's a simple example LC tank (the heartbeat of an analog theremin circuit) made with iCircuit along with a snapshot of the waveform it produces:


iCircuit is available on all major phone and tablet platforms as well as Mac:

iCircuit - Krueger Systems, Inc. 

iCircuit - Krueger Systems, Inc.

iCircuit for Android

iCircuit for Windows Phone