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Chronicles of RCA Theremin Repair

Mike Buffington and Andy Baron of have recently added some new sections to their fine website, chronicling some of their adventures in theremin repair.

For those of you not already familiar with, a little background.  A few years ago, these fine folks have took over the original RCA Theremin Registry charter from Theremin World.  Sinec then, haven't just continued the work we started, they've taken it to a whole new level!  Not content to merely build a list of the remaining RCA's, Mike and Andy have also put their engineering skills to use in helping to restore several ailing tube theremins along the way.

If you own an RCA theremin or are considering purchasing one, you really should consider visiting or giving these guys a call.  In addition to repairing RCAs, they've worked with Clara Rockmore's original theremin and another original instrument built by Leon Theremin himself.  They can also help with replica parts, tubes, or even plans to build a crate for shipping your RCA.