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Lost Footage Found Of Bob Moog Demonstrating The Theremin In 1991

Chris Stack recently rediscovered some lost footage he took in 1991 of Bob Moog demonstrating the Big Briar Series 91 Model C Theremin.

Many years before going to work for Moog Music as marketing manager I was a printed circuit board designer. I met Bob Moog in Asheville and wound up doing the PCB design work on his Multi-Touch Keyboard project. Around this time, Bob hosted a presentation called “New Vistas 91”, a look at some then current happenings in avant garde electronic music. Bob was gracious enough to let me record the presentation on my then new Video 8 camera. The tape was lost for decades, but recently found and digitized. Unfortunately the audio and video quality is not great, but I feel this is very interesting from a historical perspective, and I offer it as such.

This video is a real treasure, and we're so grateful to Chris for sharing it!