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Earth Tones - A Theremin Made From Repurposed Parts

Earth Tones by Cindy Chinn

An homage to Theremin World? 

This interactive sculpture by artist Cindy Chinn was likely inspired by a theremin, but based on this video, we wouldn't call it a traditional theremin. Still, it's nice to see someone branching out from the traditional "box and rods" look most theremins have.

The instrument appears to have a Bare Touch processor at its heart, which is an Arduino-compatible board with built-in capacitive touch and distance sensing (I hadn't heard of these before but will certainly spend more time checking it out). Touching the hands will cycle through 80 different instruments. The instrument is played by waving your hands around the globe.

Earth Tones is available for purchase here: Earth Tones- An Interactive musical instrument- A Theremin made from Re-purposed parts (

More information about Earth Tones is available at the artist's website: