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Help Restore A Theremin Built By Lev Termen Himself

Remember that instrument built by Lev Termen himself that appeared at Moog Music's headquarters last year? The story is pretty amazing... Daniel Bass bought it at an auction near Asheville, NC and then took it to Moog Music to have it inspected. Imagine the company's surprise when they realized it wasn't an RCA theremin, but an actual instrument hand-built and signed by the inventor!

Since then, Mr. Bass has been in touch with our good friends at to get it restored to its original glory, and he needs your help! He's set up a Go Fund Me Page to raise the $8000 he needs for the repairs, travel, and other related expenses.

At the time of writing, the effort has raised just $75 towards the lofty goal, but we can change that! Please consider helping by donating what you can so that this incredibly rare instrument can be brought back to life. Your effort won't be lost on a private item never to be seen again; the owner lives near Asheville, NC and has plans to allow Moog Music and the upcoming Moogseum to showcase the theremin for special events.