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'Night Lights' New Work for Theremin and Chamber Ensemble

Dalit Warshaw Night Lights Theremin Flute Violin Tuba

'Night Lights' is a new work by Dalit Warshaw for theremin, flute, violin, and tuba, and was recently performed as part of Performing Arts at Chelsea Art Museum, NYC . There is a video of the concert on uTube. 'Night Lights' was performed by Dalit Warshaw - theremin, Helen Richman - flute, Lynn Bechtold - violin, Jay Rozen - tuba, with Thomas Carlo Bo conducting.

Dalit performed on her Moog 91W, a replica of Clara Rockmore's theremin that Bob Moog built for her in 1991. She is a composer, teacher, pianist and thereminist; Dalit was Clara Rockmore's last student.