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Film Festival Celebrates 100th Birthday of Bernard Herrmann

Bernard Herrmann

This year marks the centenary of film composer Bernard Herrmann's birth in June 1911. From Psycho's stabbing thrust of strings to the rise and fall of Vertigo's romantic theme, to the spooky, extraterrestial sounds of theremins in The Day The Earth Stood Still to Taxi Driver's sleazy sax sounds: Herrmann created some of the most recognisable...

On Dangerous Ground, a film festival celebrating Bernard Herrmann, is set to kick off in Bristol, UK on Wednesday, June 1st. Of course, we know and love him because of his theremin-laden score to the epic 1951 sci-fi film, The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Lucky festival-goers will be able to participate in lectures, film screenings, musical performances, and more. The rest of us can follow the fun at the Wathershed website.