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PAiA Theremax in a LEGO Case

We love non-traditional theremin cabinets, and Mike Chappell's recent project certainly falls into that category! Mike, an electrical engineer by profession, recenly built a PAiA Theremax after his kids expressed interest in learning to play the theremin. So what better way to engage them even further than by building it with something all kids know and love - LEGOs! Mike borrowed one of his kids' large collection of LEGOs and whipped up this bright and colorful case for his project. He's also planning on adding a 3-channel LED color organ inside the case. The LEDs will shine through the row of clear LEGO blocks built into the back both sides of the case.

We can only hope a theremin-shaped LEGO brick is coming soon!

You can follow Mike's progress and see more pics of his case at his Flickr site: