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Dalit Warshaw: Invocations

Dalit Hadass Warshaw has released a CD of her work. It not only includes theremin, but a particular theremin that remains of special interest to all us here at ThereminWorld.

On her website Dalit explains:
"" ... this CD has provided me with the ideal venue in which to perform on a unique and profoundly historical instrument: Clara Rockmore’s theremin, which was built and customized to her specifications by its inventor, Lev Termen, in the late 1930’s, and on which she last performed in 1993. ""

It does my heart good to know that Clara Rockmore's theremin not only stayed in the "extended family" but contues to sing out at the hands of this talented composer and teacher. You can get the CD at Albany Records.

Congratulations Dalit!
And thanks Brian R for the tip in the forum.