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Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival May 5 - Lydia, Discounts and More!

Calling all TW members in the Pacific Northwest! The Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival May 5-8, is going to have a powerful theremin element this year. Lydia Kavina will be performing and giving a workshop.

If you print out your ThereminWorld profile page and take it with you as a coupon, BEAF has promised a discount to the festival for our OUT OF STATE members! Lydia may also be available for private lessons or semi-private group instruction while she is there. Her concert on Friday the 5th is also be open to the public, tickets at the door.

If you are able to make it to BEAF #8, please tell us about it here. It sounds like a great place to make and hear electrified music: "Nestled on North Puget Sound between Seattle and Vancouver, BC, Bellingham is a beautiful place to experience a unique festival designed to open eyes, ears, and minds."

[updated 20110504 "out of state members only"]