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Pamelia Kurstin and Sebastian Rochford To Release Album June 13th

I'm pretty excited to learn that one of our favorite professional thereminists, Pamelia Kurstin, is teaming up with Seb Rochford on a new album to be released June 13th. Pamelia has been playing live shows with Seb for a while now, so it's great to hear they've finally put something down in a studio.

The new work is entitled Ouch Evil Slow Slow Hop, and from the audio preview available at, that's a pretty good description of the musical style too.

In drum circles, Seb Rochford is as well-known for his innovative style and rhythms as Pamelia is for her theremin accomplishments in theremin circles. Finding these two working together on a project is like finding peanut butter on your chocolate bar... a match that just seems to make sense!

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