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More Exciting News From CRL

CRL has some more exciting news to share with the theremin community!  Already well known for his performances in film, TV, and soundtrack work, our friend will soon be playing theremin for a large-scale project with singer Beck (Beck Hansen) for a filmed performance piece on February 5th.

"The concept for the project is an experimental performance project using cutting edge video & audio technology. It will consist of a mash-up of traditional, world and quirky instruments and vocal ensembles, filmed with a 360 degree camera and binaural audio. With the 360-degree camera, online viewers will be able to pick their own point of view and the audio will follow. Once the project is finished, it will be viewable on a website featuring various creative areas, such as architecture, etc.  Yep... pinching myself like crazy."

Rehearsals and filming will take place at 20th Century Fox Studios. 

This sure sounds like a fun project, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the final product.  Congratulations again Charles!