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Thereminsts Set World Record in Japan

Congratulations to Masami Takeuchi and 271 other thereminists for setting the official world record for the largest number of thereminists playing together!  This smashes the previous world record of 167 thereminists set on Jan 22, 2011 (seen here on YouTube).

And more kudos to the residents of Hamamatsu for putting up with what it might have sounded like to hear 272 theremins playing all at once!  Anyone who has tried playing even 2 theremins together in a room knows that they can interfere with each other, often going so far as to make them completely unplayable.  To really do it right, the theremins' electromagnetic fields must be isolated from each other. 

Nevertheless, I'm sure this lots of fun to be a part of, and it secures a place for the theremin in the Guiness Book of World Records for years to come.

273 anyone?

Read: Theremin World Record Set In Japan (BBC News)