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New Theremin Tutorial Book

An English version of the book "Manuel d'initiation au Theremin" is now available! Written by French & Swiss duo Jimmy Virani et Coralie Ehinger, with the participation of "Theremingeneer" Thierry Frenkel for all technical parts. 

This book is dedicated to beginners. Its goal is to guide you on your discovery of the theremin. It is filled with practical advice and provides a sound basis from which to start your theremin training. Here is the table of contents:

The books have been self-published (via Edition Des Sentiers)  and printed in a sheltered workshop manufacture in Switzerland. Illustrations and design : Nicolas Perrin / 28 grammes

Size of the book :  A5, landscape format (21 x 15 cm), 48 pages
Connected by spirals ​​of metal.

It is available via etheremin's online shop for 20€ plus shipping costs as well as

More info here