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New Music From Thomas Grillo

Secret Agents From The Id - Thomas Grillo

Thereminst Thomas Grillo has announced the release of his new album, Secret Agents From The Id.  The album features all original compositions written and performed by Grillo on the theremin with accompaniment produced using iPad and PC apps such as Chordbot, Garage Band, and Band In a Box Pro.

The album has a modern light rock / country ballad feel that sounds as if the music were written back in the 70s.

Grillo tells us he composed the music in a way that others would be able to easily perform in any band as the accompaniment tracks were designed to include, and emulate guitars, bass, drums, and keyboards backing up the theremin. 

The entire album was performed on the Etherwave Standard theremin using Thierry Frenkel’s ESPE01 module.

Currently, the album is only available as downloadable MP3s, but physical CD, and VINYL production is being considered for possible production a month from now, if all goes according to plan.

You can purchase the album in digital download form from CD Baby, iTunes, or