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Secret World - Améthyste Spardel and Doug Hammer

Secret World

Secret World is a collaboration between award-winning composer and pianist Doug Hammer and ambient thereminist Amethyste Spardel. The music is haunting and ethereal, creating a unique soundscape that hasn't been heard before.

Secret World emerged from their combined intention of creating something in the moment. Every note was improvised together, uniting piano and theremin, an ethereal blend of beauty, passion and hope.

The album's official release is October 24th, but if you purchase the physical CD from, you can download the full MP3 album today.

Congratulations to Amethyste and Doug on their release!

Here's the full track list:

1. The Ones We Leave Behind       7:17
2. Winter’s Last Goodbye              6:36
3. Crimson Sky                            6:46
4. Raindrops                                7:28
5. Desert Bloom                           6:16
6. Crystal Water                           3:32
7. El Dorado Wind                        5:01
8. Moonflower                              6:15
9. The Road Behind                      5:19
10. Redemption                           7:10
11. Wrapped In Hope                   6:20
12. I Will Wait                              5:21