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New Music From Kip Rosser

Lessons from the Vinegar Mother by Kip Rosser

Kip Rosser has released a new album, Lessons from the Vinegar Mother (Ambient Compositions for Theremin). If you're wondering how vinegar and theremins are related, Kip explains the concept behind the album:

The album’s tile/concept is built around the lost Norse art of “reading” and receiving lessons from the Mother of Vinegar. The Mother of Vinegar (Mycoderma aceti) is composed of cellulose and acetic acid bacteria that forms in unpasteurized vinegar. Oxidation gives rise to this gelatinous substance that can assume amorphous and even ethereal shapes. It is these shapes that are interpreted as lessons. Each musical composition is the sonic mate to the text of its corresponding lesson.

Kip has also released a 16-page booklet of art related to the album, available for free download from

Lessons form the Vinegar Mother is available at, iTunes, Spotify, and CDBaby.