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Call for Submissions - Album to Celebrate 100 Years of Theremin

Did you know the theremin will be 100 years old in 2020? 

The NY Theremin Society is seeking submissions for a limited release album that will celebrate our favorite instrument's centennial anniversary. Society founder and thereminist Dorit Chrysler announced the project today:

"The initiative of German Thereminist Robert Meyer to collect tracks for the theremin’s birthday next year is a great idea, and I thought it deserves a proper release, so we are pleased to tell you that the NY Theremin Society plans to release a full length CD “Theremin 100” (working title) featuring a selection of original Theremin Compositions submitted by the ever-growing worldwide community of Theremin Players. As an Audio CD can be no longer than 74 minutes, we will not be able to publish all submissions but plan to release additional selected tracks via a bonus link online. A first edition of 1000 CD’s is planned, and should we receive a proper amount of pre-orders, vinyl can be considered as well.

This compilation aims to give a snapshot of the varied composition styles and techniques the theremin is currently applied to and explored throughout all corners of the world. As you all now, we still have a case to make for the Theremin being established in contemporary classical, modern and popular music, so the pressure is on!"

More information about the project (including how to submit a piece for the album) can be found at