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New Theremin recording by Thorwald Jørgensen

Bury me, bury me wind by Josef Schillinger (1929, lyrics: Anna Achmatova) is one of the first if not the very first original works written for Theremin. It is also most probably the first piece combining traditional instruments and the new "Elektromusikalny Instrument".

The premiere recording was on January 4th, 1931 at the New York Town Hall with Leon Theremin performing his own instrument, Nina Koshetz, Soprano, and Boris Kogan, Piano. 

Now, 88 later, the Dutch Theremin virtuoso Thorwald Jørgensen has made a new recording of it, with Itzel Medecigo, mezzo soprano, and Kamilla Bystrova, piano. It is part of a series of new recordings which Thorwald publishes regularly on his YouTube channel: