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New Theremin CD with Thorwald Jørgensen and Kamilla Bystrova

CD Air électrique

We are extremely excited to announce a new CD with Thorwald Jørgensen and Kamilla Bystrova! What makes it so special is the fact that all the music are original and thus contemporary compositions for Theremin and Piano by Lera Auerbach, Joseph Schillinger, Lydia Kavina, Valery Beluntsov, and Olesya Rostovskaya. 

But that's not all. In Schillinger's "Bury, bury me wind", the Mezzo-Soprano part is sung by Itzel Medecigo, and the Xylophone part in Beluntsov's "Fantasy" is virtuously added by Thorwald Jørgensen himself. 

Exciting music, in combination with an exciting performance! The author of these lines was allowed to listen to it in "avant-premiere". Thorwald and Kamilla have become an approved duet over the time, that's clearly audible and amazing, but that doesn't prevent both to add other elements like the voice and the xylophone into a sophisticated and deeply expressive mix.

Expressivity is one of the most important keywords here! Some people do not always like the sound of the Etherwave Pro Theremin. But Thorwald succeeds reliably in giving this instrument a very warm, natural, and extremely expressive voice.

AIR ÉLECTRIQUE, a musical top performance and a must-have in every record collection!