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    Pamelia Stickney with Blueblut

    Pamelia Stickney with Blueblut

    Thereminist Pameila Stickney performing with her band Blueblut. Watch as she dazzles with her walking bass theremin technique and adds in a new treat... bird calls! She appears to be using some recorded loops in this video (perhaps from a looping pedal or...

    Moogfest 2018

    Thereminists Announced In Moogfest 2018 Lineup

    Moogfest announced the first phase of the lineup for their 2018 festival today, and we're excited to see two wonderful thereminists included! Armen Ra ( ) is an Iranian-born artist, self-taught thereminist, production designer, director,...

    Pamelia Stickney

    Pamelia Stickney - NYC Workshop and New Music

    Pamelia Stickney (formerly Pamelia Kurstin) will host a theremin workshop in Brooklyn, New York on September 25th, 2016. The event is open to 6 participants ($85 each) and 14 observers ($40 each). Knowing Pamelia, this workshop will be free-form,...