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    Reflecting on 25 years of the RCA Theremin Registry

    Mike Buffington of shares a few thoughts on the registry that he and collaborator Andrew Baron have worked so diligently to keep up, and presents some images of notable RCAs that have appeared in the last few years. To browse the registry...

    The Second Victor Theremin Prototype

    The Second Generation RCA Victor Theremin Prototype

    Continuing on our celebration of the RCA Theremin Registry’s 25th anniversary, is excited and proud to unveil this one-of-a-kind, rarest RCA Theremin in the world, the The Second Generation RCA Victor Theremin Prototype. Find out what has...

    Greenfield Theremin

    The RCA Theremin Registry Turns 25!

    This Wednesday, April 14th, The RCA Theremin Registry will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. Started here at in 1996, it was adopted in 2012 and expanded by Andrew Baron and Mike Buffington, the founders of

    Clara Rockmore

    Where In The World Are All Those RCA Theremins?

    The great folks over at have launched a new feature that lets you see how the remaining RCA AR-1264 theremin...

    Clara Rockmore

    The RCA Theremin Registry Turns 16!

    I started the RCA Theremin Registry on April 14, 1996 with the goal of answering one question: Of the ~500 or...