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Meet the Therevox ET-4

Fans of the Ondes Martenot and the Electro-Theremin (a.k.a. Tannerin) will be excited to hear that Therevox is taking orders for their new ET-4 model with a first production run due in January 2012.


The ET-4 picks up where the 2008 ET-3 model left off.  The list of features is quite long:

  • dual analog oscillators
  • 6 waveforms per oscillator
  • noise generator
  • low pass filter controllable via cutoff knob or expression pedal
  • a more Ondes Martenot-like finger ring ribbon controller
  • finger divots on the keyboard for tactile feedback
  • pitch preview jack
  • … and even a classic spring reverb!

Note - the model shown in the photo above is a prototype.  The final production units will have proper silk screened graphics like the ET-3.

Only 14 ET-3’s were made. No word yet on how many ET-4’s will be available, but if you’re interested in buying one, getting your deposit in soon is probably a good idea.

Hop on over to to watch the full demo.