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Modern theremin with tube amplifier in a vintage cabinet

New theremin in a vintage cabinetThe French theremin cabinet builder Michel CHAZOT who has already built the cabinet for Thorwald Jørgensen's custom theremin, did it again! 

In this extremely beautiful cabinet a "somewhat tweaked" Moog Etherwave Standard theremin with an ESPE01 pitch extender module has been integrated, tuned and adapted together with a 5W Fender tube amplifier and its loudspeaker by French "thérémingénieur" Thierry Frenkel.

As a result this instrument has an impressive pitch range of 7 octaves with extremely good linearity and playability. Due to the unique combination with the integrated tube amplifier and some "magic", the choice of timbres is also much more rich and "organic" than you might expect it from an Etherwave theremin.

Michel has recorded a litte demonstration video:

Update (2/9/2012): This unique instrument has just been sold!