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Magnetovore - A Magnetic Cello

Cal Poly SLO student Dan Levi has created a new form of electronic cello that uses magnetic induction instead of a lever to control volume.  By moving a magnetic "bow" back and forth in front of the instrument, subtle rises and falls in volume are possible.  In similar fashion to the theremin cello, pitch is controlled by a touch-sensing ribbon running up and down the neck. 

The result is a more natural cello-like instrument with all sorts of new capabilities.  For example, where the original theremin cello only featured one "string", the magnetic cello features a thumb wheel that lets the player switch which string the neck ribbon controls.

Levi is planning an initial production run of instruments for Summer 2012.  Interested?  Register on his website to have the chance to be one of the first people to own a magnetic cello!