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WavingBox's Ultimate Busking Theremin

Wavingbox busking in Mexico

Hailing from Strasbourg, France, There Mine (a.k.a. Wavingbox), has created what might just be the ultimate self-contained theremin busking rig.  And what better way to put it to the test than to fly halfway around the world and play on the streets of Guadalajara, Mexico?

Here's a quick breakdown of the rig:

  • an Etherwave sits atop a flight-worthy hard shell case on 3 metal posts
  • 4 speakers from a Roland Micro Bass RX amplifier are mounted into the case facing the audience (the actual amp electronics are inside)
  • the amp and Etherwave run on battery power
  • extra sheets of metal added to the case to aid in grounding
  • the Etherwave, antennas, and posts all fit inside the case for easy transport

To see more photos of the rig and to follow Wavingbox's further adventures, head on over to his blog at

Well done!