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Small Number of Moogfest 2012 Screen Printed Etherwave Plus Theremins Still Available

MoogFest 2012 Custom Screen Printed Etherwave Plus Theremins

A small number of those beautiful custom screen printed Moog Etherwave Plus theremins from Moogfest 2012 are still available from retailers on  As I write this, you can still order them in white wash (shown above), walnut , ash, and my personal favorite: black

The Etherwave Plus Theremin includes all features of the Etherwave Standard with the addition of CV outputs on the pitch and volume antennas, pitch preview/headphone jack, and a power LED - a feature included on the original Big Briar version of the Etherwave but mysteriously left off in later editions.

These special screen printed custom Etherwave Plus's were created for the artists performing at MoogFest 2012.  There are literally a handful of these beauties available, so act quickly if you want to get your hands on (or near) one!