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Great Deal on Boss RC-30 Loop Station today

Boss Rc-30 Loop Station

Today only, the Boss Rc-30 Loop Station is on sale at Musician's Friend for $30 less than normal.  Combine this price drop with their coupon code for 15% off a single item over $199 (use code LAST12 at checkout), and free shipping, and the normally $299 pedal becomes more like $229!

For thereminists, the RC-30 is a great way to do real-time multitracking in your theremin performances.  You can use the pedal to record a theremin line, then play it back repeatedly as an accompaniment while you play another line on top of it.  Record both those to another loop, and keep layering.  Then, use the pedals to switch back and forth between pre-recorded loops... the possibilities are endless!

Here's a video of Pamelia Kurstin using a looping pedal at EtherMusic 2005 in a quick demo to give you an idea of what might be possible.

Read more about the pedal at Musician's Friend's site:

Boss Rc-30 Loop Station (