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New Music From Dorit Chrysler: "Avalanche" Now Available

Dorit Chrysler's latest EP, "Avalanche", is now available at, iTunes, and other online music services.  In addition, she's hosting a release party on Thursday, December 27th, in New York City.  this 5 track release was produced by Anders Trentemøller, whom Dorit toured with last year.

Dorit is a founding member of the New York Theremin Society.  In addition to playing the theremin, she's known for her work as a vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, producer, and engineer.  She also assisted Moog Music in their 2011 April Fool's gag by introducing the mythical Moog Polyphonic Theremin.

The music on "Avalanche" is trippy and ethereal.  It's perfect for ringing in the New Year with your chill-o-meter set to 11. 

Learn more about Dorit and her music at