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E Theremin for iOS

E Theremin

This app captures the magic of early classic slider controlled synthesisers such as the Ondes-Martenot (1928) Trautonium (1929) and Tannerin/electro-theremin (1950s)

The E Theremin has three oscillators that generate a rich fat analogue tone, with a choice of 4 waveforms (saw, square, triangle and sine) octave shift and amp control. The E Theremin can achieve portamento, vibrato and quarter-tones with precise control. 4 presets allow you to store your sounds and jump quickly between them during performance.

In 1928 Maurice Martenot created one of the first electronic musical instruments, entitled; the Ondes-Martenot, the prerunner to the theremin, similar in sound but with a very different type of user interaction, an inspiring slider on a cord was used. Later in the 1950s Paul Tanner invented the Tannerin a.k.a. Electro Theremin. The Tannerin used the same slider controls as the Ondes-Martenot to control pitch. The Tannerin went on to play a large role in records such as The Beach Boys “Good Vibrations”.

E Theremin Features:

  • Three oscillators (osc2 unison)
  • 4 waveforms
  • 3 octave slide control
  • Fat analogue sound
  • Jump between 4 user presets 
  • Classic slider pitch control
  • Retina GUI

Available in the Apple AppStore:  E Theremin – Electro Theremin - DesignByPaul 


Thomas Grillo
Thomas Grillo 1/20/2013 3:37 AM
This is pretty cool. It's not yet available for ipad, but just search under iphone, and you'll find it there.
Lawrence Kaster
Lawrence Kaster 1/22/2013 3:53 AM
Kinda disappointing, really.

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