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Ohad Basson's Theremin 2.0

Theremin 2.0 from Bassonism on Vimeo.

Ohad Basson, an industrial designer from Israel, wasn't content with the standard theremin.  For the past several months, he's been working on a bold evolution of the instrument. 

"Theremin 2.0" is made of a combination of plywood covered with oak veneers, frosted acrylic sheets, and brass.  To make the theremin more portable, it features a sliding body design that provides cover for pitch and volume knobs cleverly hidden inside.  Antennas also slide inside the body for convenient storage.

Ohad tells us the design was born with the Maker community, paying homage to the commonly used laser cut "finger joint".

In addition to portability improvements, Theremin 2.0 a tapper (to spontaneously disrupt the sound) and an LED pitch meter.

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