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Robotic Telepresence Theremin Playing Cat

We've all seen last year's viral (and infamous around here) video of a cat "playing" a miniature theremin, right?  Well this takes the concept to a whole new level.  In what appears to be a video from the headquarters of Mandarin Electron, we see that it's now possible to for a person to play a cat playing a theremin via remote telepresence.

Is this the new future of theremins?  Not sure, but it sure is fun to watch!

Thanks to CRL for the tip!

Update:  Masami Takeuchi provided some additional information on the project.  The robotic cat system is called Tango.  The video above features Tango 1 and was created around 1999.  He just shared another incredibly fun video showing two Tangos (one on theremin, and the other on snare drum) along with a band of animals from ~2000.