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Nano - A New Modular Theremin From Poland

Nano theremin

Meet Nano, a new modular theremin by Polish manufacturer Assec.  Setting it apart from more traditional models, Nano comes as a basic unit that can be extended via add-on modules to give it additional capabilities.  

In its most basic form, Nano features a pitch antenna and a foot-controlled volume pressure plate.  This base unit sits on the floor and the pitch antenna mounts to a standard microphone stand.  The base unit comes with the pitch antenna, power adaptor, cable straps, and a plastic box (presumably for storage).

If foot control of the volume isn't sufficient for your needs, you can add an optional volume antenna that also mounts on the mic stand.  The pitch and volume antennas sit in an L pattern that can easily be rotated left or right to accommodate left or right-handed playing.  The volume antenna features a built-in dial for controlling volume response as well as an on/off/mute switch.

Nano antennas

But wait... there's more!  An additional module provides continuous pitch preview via a headphone jack. 

Personally, I really like the visual simplicity of this design.  Instead of having a power cable as well as audio cables coming in and out of the instrument on the mic stand, the clutter is kept to the floor.  

As for concerns, I wonder how having the pitch tuning knob on the floor unit will affect the usability of the instrument in live performance situations.  We're looking forward to getting our hands on one of these instruments to provide a more in-depth review.  

More information, including photos, audio samples, and how to order can be found at  You can also join in a discussion about the Nano in our forums here.